Elopement in Ireland, Cliffs of Moher, Fuga d’amore in Irlanda

Fuga d’amore in Irlanda, Cliff of Moher, Fotografo di Matrimonio Irlanda

Destination Wedding Photographer in Ireland. It’s been for me a wonderful opportunity to shot some pictures with these two in the most beautiful landscape of all Ireland, the Cliffs of Moher. A suggestive landscape with a lovely couple is the perfect mix for to have a beautiful wedding pic.

I want to tell you about this story, I was in Ireland for a road trip with my girlfriend, (click here to see the travel pics) When we was to the cliffs of Moher we met these two that was just married and I asked them to shot some pics because I’m a wedding photographer and it was an unrepeatable moments for me and for my job to shot wedding pictures in those suggestive place. They were so happy to be photographed by me and they left me to work for ten minutes.

The days after I’ve posted one of these pic on my instagram page and some friends of bride and groom seen my pic and they ask to me to send their in high resolution for the bride and groom and they told me that was a very beautiful pic, like a magazine cover. They shown the pic to bride and groom thats they have aprreciate so much my pics. I felt a lots of emotions and satisfaction for that. It’s been an amazing opportunity and greatful moments for me and my job.

Italian Wedding Photographer, Ireland, Cliffs of Moher

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